Cloth Care

Here is a list of my top 7 cloth friendly detergents. These are in no particular order 

1. Purex Mountain Breeze 

2.Gain Liquid Original

-Great for soft water

3. Arm and Hammer Plus

-Good for hard water

4. Tide Liquid 

5.Tide Free and Gentle

6. Tide Powder

7.Seventh Generation Ultra

Here is my wash guide.

First know your water hardness, this will help when choosing the right detergent. You can order strips online or take some water to your local pet store.

always spray your soiled diapers, nobody likes poo in the washer. If your baby is solely breastfed then you do not need to spray them just toss them in your wet bag or pail. 

I like to wash every other day, this helps prevent stinks and stains and keeps your loads smaller for a better clean

i use the washers highest setting and do a cold pre-rinse with no detergent followed by a regular warm water cycle with detergent 

Lastly dry. You can hang dry, use the dryer or both. Whatever suits your needs


This is just how I care for my cloth diapers.