Sipping and Returns 

We completely understand that life happens. 

-Pre-Order items: If you need to cancel your order before the close date you will be issued a full refund. After the close date you will be receive a partial refund including your full shipping and 70% of each items cost, this is because after the close date we have already paid out of pocket for your items.  

-Instock items: As long as your order has not shipped you may cancel your order and get a full refund.

-Incorrect/Damaged Orders: With only 1-2 people handling orders and shipping accidents do happen. Please reach out to us and we will correct or fix your order at no cost to you.

-Dislikes: If you receive an order and decide you do not like your items, you may return your items with a 10% restocking fee and shipping is covered by you. 

-Shipping: Shipping is charged based on weight. Shipping plus your whole order will be charged at check out. We use PayPal shipping rates based on weight. 

If you want to order but need to pay later please email us at ztoadesigns@gmail.com and we will work with you. All invoices need to be paid before production completion date unless extension is discussed